Your first step to healing


There are so many reasons NOT to start. 

The mountain just feels too big. 

But all yogis started the journey from the beginning by taking the FIRST STEP.  

We struggled, we made excuses, we had expectations that we didn’t meet, sometimes we didn’t want to practice and sometimes we desperately needed to practice. 

Again and again, we showed up. And for many of us showing up was the hardest part.

But then we had breakthroughs. We had tears and we had smiles. 

The practice looked more similar than not, day after day. 

But over time, we began to heal.

Yes, it is a practice over a lifetime – but right now, all you have to do is take the FIRST STEP. 

On Monday, August 23rd, we’re offering a FREE introduction to yoga class with Katrina Atkin. This slower, more informative practice is a great FIRST STEP for those of you who’d like to learn more about how to feel good in your body.

This class will be live-streamed on Facebook and there will be an opportunity to ask questions after class.

All are welcome to join and all you have to do is sign-up.

Move at your own pace and learn more about the practice of yoga in the comfort of your living room. With no commitment, no pressure and no excuses.

It’s your FIRST STEP to a lifetime of healing.

Click HERE to sign up.


P.S. Our NEW! new student special is 4 classes for $39. Click HERE to purchase.