You CAN Stop Throwing Your Lower Back Out – Here’s How!

Dear Yogi,


John was referred to me by Melanie, a yoga private client I’ve been working with for over ten years.

Melanie herniated two discs in her low back before we met, and through carefully aligned yoga, she’s avoided surgery and learned to manage her injury.

Melanie works with John, who had been regularly throwing out his back for years. He would hurt his back and need to work from home for a week as it eased up (this was pre-pandemic before so many of us worked from home).

One incredible thing about situations like these to me is how adaptable we humans are.

John kept hurting his back doing the simplest, most mundane things like picking up a sock from the floor or turning around to back out of his driveway. When his back would seize up, he would be on his couch unable to move for a week. And so he just scheduled this time into his work routine!

His back kept going out because of what is truly a simple structural, postural problem. But because John was unaware of his postural issue, he was stuck managing the pain and the ways it would derail his daily life, instead of being able to interrupt it at its source.

He factored in the time a few times a year to work from home, popping pain pills and relying on his heating pad.

John was on his way to herniating the discs in his lower back like Melanie had. This injury is extraordinarily common in the US, and it is almost entirely preventable. While occasionally someone will herniate their discs with intense trauma like impact from a car accident, the overwhelmingly majority of these injuries are because of structural issues that can be fixed.

What we do repeatedly gets embedded into our body, and these patterns impact us without our knowledge until, one day, we lean down to pick up a piece of mail, and debilitating pain puts us out of commission.

We then manage that pain, work from home, medicate until the pain eases up, and then the cycle begins again.

John’s flare-ups had escalated to a few every year. And he adapted to this, accepting his fate that every few months pain would prevent him from walking, from going to work, and from the simplest of daily tasks.

Melanie told him he would benefit from private yoga at Maha, and he finally booked a session. In our first session, I immediately saw the structure that kept hurting him, and reflected that back to him, helping him realign his pelvis and low back.

It’s so fulfilling for me to report that, since starting his private yoga at Maha, John has not thrown his back out even once.

It took a few months for him to realign and do the work to re-structure the pattern that kept hurting him. Now, over two years later, he is so steady with his yoga, because when he stretches and strengthens regularly, he doesn’t have pain.

It is truly that simple.

Wouldn’t you rather commit to a regular schedule of alignment yoga rather than adapting to regularly throwing your back out?

We humans are incredibly adaptable; we have seen this during the pandemic. It’s a strength of ours, and it’s a blessing. The question we need to continually ask ourselves is: am I adapting to pain and suffering instead of adapting to the solutions?

If you’re ready to quit adapting to your pain and instead get to the bottom of it to find a solution, it’s time to schedule private instruction. Our teachers are highly trained experts in alignment and anatomy. They’ll help you learn why you keep hurting yourself, and the ways you can re-pattern to live pain-free.

We have sessions available from 6am-9pm.

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