Yogahour Teacher Training: A Q&A w/Teagan!

  1. What is Yogahour?

Yogahour is an accessible, affordable, expertly-taught flow class that offers clear and specific alignment instructions. It is both a teaching technology and a style that is the perfect blend of form (alignment) and flow (movement with breath). Yogahour maximizes safety and promotes longevity of practice. It’s designed for practitioners of all levels, from experienced students to the fit beginner.

  1. How is a Yogahour teacher training different from other 200-hour yoga teacher trainings?

First, you should know that Maha Yoga’s 200-Hour Yogahour Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance approved program. This means that once you complete the program, you will be eligible to become a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). As a RYT-200 you are a good candidate for getting hired to teach many styles of yoga. In addition to your RYT-200 status, you are also eligible to become a certified yogahour instructor, which includes yogahour specific testing.

What is unique about the Yogahour Teacher Training is that this training is specifically designed to teach you how to teach yoga as an expert. The teaching technology that you learn will allow you to teach classes like an experienced teacher right out of the gate. This training produces great teachers! In the process of learning to teach yoga, you will also significantly deepen your own understanding of the yoga practice – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  1. What are the advantages of taking this particular training?

As a yoga teacher, you have a lot of responsibilities. Everything from making your playlist, to designing your sequence, to teaching it, to offering modifications and variations, to giving corrections; the list goes on and on. In this training, you will learn how to prepare for and manage each of these responsibilities, so that you can teach your best classes!

One of the big benefits of Yogahour is that there are a number of resources available to you. For example, the book Yogahour – Shape, Safety, and Refinement by Darren Rhodes provides clear and specific instructions on how to safely and efficiently get into and out of all of the (365) poses in the Yogahour syllabus. Yogahour also has a number of set sequences that you can use in teaching your classes. These sequences were designed by experienced practitioners and all provide a well-balanced practice to you and your students.

Another one of the benefits of being trained as a yogahour teacher is that you are part of a larger yogahour community. Teachers are teaching yogahour at studios around the world. As a yogahour teacher you can participate in an ongoing conversation with all the other yogahour teachers to help you overcome challenges and keep growing in your practice, in your teaching, and in your life.

  1. What if I don’t want to become a yoga teacher? Could this training still be for me?

Yes! Absolutely. Many people have taken this training not intending to teach when they were done. Yoga teacher trainings are a journey of self-discovery and growth that are well worth the time and effort even if you never teach a single class.

In my experience, many people enter the training with the initial idea of never intending to teach and change their minds along the way. The best part about this training is that, if you do change your mind, you are SO well trained to teach that you will feel comfortable and confident in what you have to offer. I believe that people change their minds about teaching because they realize how well prepared they are by the end of the training.

Irrespective of that, however, there are many other benefits to taking this teacher training. You will learn about yoga philosophy, the history of yoga, meditation techniques, and greatly refine your own understanding of the yoga asanas (poses). If you are looking for a way to deepen your engagement with the world of yoga, this is a fantastic opportunity for that.

  1. You mentioned that Darren Rhodes and Sam Rice are coming to participate in this training, why is that particularly special?

Darren Rhodes is the founder of Yogahour, which started at his studio, Yoga Oasis, in Tucson, Arizona over ten years ago. Sam Rice is the Yogahour lead teacher trainer who also lives in Tucson and teaches at Yoga Oasis. Both are highly sought-after amazing teachers who literally travel all over the world teaching workshops and trainings. It is an extreme privilege to host them at Maha Yoga! I cannot say enough about how wonderful they are as teachers. I personally traveled to Tucson nine times in 2015-2016 to complete my 300-hour teacher training with Darren, Sam, and Brigette Finley. Their teachings have helped make me into the teacher that I am today. I made the commitment to do anything necessary to study with them, including spending 3 months away from Philadelphia and my community here, in order to be able to bring their teachings back to this city. It was worth every sacrifice. Darren and Sam are some of the most experienced yoga teachers out there and they have so much to offer that they give so freely to anyone who studies with them.

  1. What do you love about yogahour? What drew you to it initially?

I love the energy of a yogahour class. Because of the music, the alignment cues, and the pacing of yogahour, as a student and a teacher I am never bored. For me, that is important in my yoga practice, so that I have something to look forward to when I step on my mat. Yogahour is always doable, yet difficult, so I always feel that I am growing when I do it.

I grew up as a yoga practitioner and teacher in a power yoga studio and I loved the energy of the classes there. When I moved over to a more alignment-based style of yoga, I missed the faster pacing of a flow style, yet wanted the safety of being well aligned in my practice. Yogahour is a great marriage of both flow and form that, to me, feels just right.

I also love that yogahour is affordable. It seems like fitness classes are becoming more and more expensive across the city. I love being able to offer expertly taught yoga to people at a really affordable price. It is important to me that yoga be accessible to more people and yogahour helps make that possible.

  1. Who would make a good yogahour instructor?

First and foremost, I think a good yogahour instructor loves yoga and wants to share it with others. If you are passionate about helping other people improve their lives on a daily basis, then you would make a great yogahour teacher.

I also think a good yogahour teacher is someone who likes a challenge. Teaching yogahour is not easy, but it is simple and straightforward. One of the things I love about teaching yogahour is that it is always asking me to be a better teacher, to grow more, to expand my capacity. I personally love this challenge because it makes me feel that there is momentum behind the work that I am doing.

  1. What would you say to someone who is on the fence about this training?

Do it!

I’ve taken six yoga teacher trainings over the course of my 11 years teaching yoga. I have never regretted any of them. Do you want to know which trainings I regret? The ones I didn’t take. When I get passionate about something and hungry for more, I now know to go for it and not let anything stand in my way.

Do you want to challenge yourself in the best possible way? Do you want to grow as a person? Do you want to be able to offer more of yourself to the world? Do you want to learn to love yourself and others more? Do you want to know yourself on a deeper level? Do you want to help make this world a better place? Do you want to feel a sense of belonging?

All of these things, and more, are possible if you sign up for this training.

  1. Anything else we should know?

This is a one of a kind yoga teacher training. As the main teacher trainer for the Yogahour Teacher Training at Maha, I am 100% committed to you having the best experience possible. Teaching teacher trainings is one of the things I love most in the world. I promise that you will not be disappointed in your experience. This training is challenging, fun, and totally worth it!

Also, if you have conflicts with certain of the dates in the training, we can work around them. Don’t let that hold you back.

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