Yoga Pose of the Week: Tree Sage

tree sage bottom leg in tree (vasisthasana)
(from down dog)
  • Look at hands: check to make sure hands are slightly wider than shoulders, separate fingers straight ahead.
  • Move feet back 2-3 inches.
  • Come into a sideways plank pose, balancing on right hand and foot.
  • Point bottom biceps straight ahead.
  • Slide right foot forward until sole of left foot is flat on floor.
  • Bend right knee, use left hand to place right foot in tree position. Point kneecap straight down.
  • Extend left arm straight up.
  • Look up or down.
  • Grip floor with fingertips, press inner edge of hand down.
  • Tighten glutes, press tailbone in, move ribs back.
  • Tone left thigh, tighten kneecap.
  • Press tree foot into thigh, thigh into foot.


  • Press bottom hand down, forward.
  • Lift chest, stretch spine.