Yoga Pose of the Week: Tibetan Weaponry 2

Tibetan weaponry 2 (eka pada supta virasana)
(from reclined mountain)
  • Bring heels flat on floor just in front of hips. Lift right foot, hold outer ankle with right hand, arm outside leg. Bring heel to hip, point foot.
  • Hold outer edge of left foot with left hand, arm inside leg. Flex foot.
  • Lean onto left hip, knee.
  • Simultaneously straighten left leg to capacity, flip top  of right foot to floor. Lower knee to capacity.
  • Press top of right foot down, squeeze ankle in.
  • Tone left thigh, tighten kneecap.
  • Press left hand, left foot together.
  • Tighten glutes, lift tailbone, tone abdomen.
  • Press shoulders down.

  • Lift chest, stretch.