Yoga Pose of the Week: Seated Pigeon

seated pigeon (hindolasana)
(from staff)
  • Hold right ankle with right hand in front of chest – point knee out.
  • Lean back slightly. Bend left knee and swing left heel to right hip.
  • Place right foot increase of left elbow, flex foot.
  • Wrap right elbow around right knee, interlace fingers in front of shin (more doable: hold right foot with left hand, right knee with right hand).
  • Square hips to the left with the shin parallel to the floor (more doable: turn torso slightly to the right).
  • Lift chin slightly, look straight ahead.
  • Squeeze elbows in like a vice.
  • Flare toes (press inner edge of foot into biceps).
  • Press right heel down.
  • Minimize rounding in low back.


  • Lift low back, lift chest, stretch spine.