Yoga Pose of the Week – Reclined Hero

reclined hero (supta virasana)
  • Sit on floor/block between feet – tops of feet on floor.
  • Bring inner heels against hips/block.
  • Point feet. Point knees straight ahead or out slightly.
  • Hold knees with hands, straighten arms, look straight ahead or down.
  • If seated on block, stay here. If hips firmly on floor, lie down on back.
  • Stretch arms overhead. Point palms up. Close fingers, open palm (don’t cup palms).
  • Press tops of feet down, squeeze ankles in.
  • Tone, turn inner thighs down.
  • Tighten glutes, lift tailbone, tone abdomen.
  • Press shoulders into floor.


  • Lift chest, stretch spine.
  • Stretch arms.