Yoga Pose of the Week: Needle’s Eye

needle’s eye with shin vertical (sucirandhrasana)
  • Lie down on back. Bring feet to floor in front of hips.
  • Place left ankle on right knee.
  • Thread left arm through space between legs to interlace fingers around right shin. Straighten arms (more doable: interlace hands around hamstrings).
  • Stay here or bend elbows, bring shin to/toward chest.
  • Stay here or release interlaced fingers, bring arms over top of left shin, interlace fingers around sole of right foot, shin vertical, knee bent.
  • Lift chin slightly.
  • Allow low back to round.
  • Flex feet, flare toes.
  • Push foot into hands, pull hands against foot.
  • Tone abdomen.
  • Squeeze left heel toward left hip.
  • Extend left knee out.