Yoga Pose of the Week: Garland 1

Garland 1 (malasana prep)

(from mountain)

  • Lower into a squat position (more doable: separate feet outer hip-width apart, point feet in line with knees. If heels hovering above floor put rolled up mat underneath them or lift heels vertical, shins parallel to floor, then walk hands out more).
  • Fold torso inside thighs, slide hands forward, and straighten arms. Place palms flat on floor shoulder-width apart.
  • Look down (more difficult: rest forehead on floor).
  • Round back evenly.


  • Press inner edges of feet down, grip floor with toes, press ankles together.
  • Squeeze torso with thighs.
  • Press hands down, lift shoulders.
  • Tone abdomen.



  • Press hands down, forward; hips down, back.