Yoga Pose of the Week: Cowface 2

cowface 2 (gomukhasana 2)
  • Come onto hands and knees.
  • Lift left leg up and back, parallel to the floor.
  • Take left knee to outer edge of right knee. Place outer shins, ankles together.
  • Keeping ankles together, turn feet out like kick stands.
  • Have a seat on feet, lift torso upright (more doable: keep hips well above feet, hands on floor).
  • Take right arm out to side, parallel to floor. Point right thumb down. Place back of right hand behind left shoulder blade. Lift left arm up overhead. Bend left elbow. Clasp hands (more doable: use strap to bind).
  • Squeeze ankles in, heels up.
  • Tone abdomen, move ribs back.


  • Lift low back in. Lift chest, stretch spine.