Yoga Pose of the Week: Baby Crow

baby crow (bakasana variation)
(from mountain)
  • Come into a squatting position.
  • Fold torso inside legs; bring armpits against shins as close to ankles as possible (more doable: separate feet slightly, turn feet out in line with knees, place heels on a rolled up mat).
  • Place forearms on floor shoulder-width apart, parallel to one another.
  • Separate fingers, point index fingers straight ahead.
  • Slide forearms back to capacity.
  • Lean forward, lift heels.
  • Place knees against outer upper arms.
  • Stay here or lift feet off floor, place inner edges of feet together (more doable: lift one foot, place it back on floor, then lift other foot).
  • Round back evenly – bring shins parallel to floor.
  • Squeeze feet together; squeeze knees in.
  • Squeeze elbows in.
  • Tone abdomen.


  • Press/push forearms down.