Winter Solstice Blessings – Insights from 2020


It’s easy to be glib here, and simply state that 2020 has been one continual dumpster fire. 

It has obviously been a very, very tough year. 

I viscerally remember scrambling this spring and summer, and how scary it was both to have this invisible threat of the virus while also staring down personal bankruptcy as my beloved yoga studio business floundered. 

The stress gave way to nonstop work, as I dug in to learn about audio, lighting, and video, and worked more than I ever had–more than I did even in the first year of studio ownership–to pivot our business model. 

We climbed up a pretty steep learning curve and made a lot of mistakes along the way. There was frustration and confusion, and then relief as the systems started to take hold and our virtual offerings stabilized. 

The pandemic has been an absolute nightmare. My Aunt Joyce died of Covid early in the summer and we couldn’t host a memorial service for her. I check the infection and death rates every day, and it is so devastating. 

The virus has upended every part of our lives, and our national leadership has been abysmal. At times, I am overwhelmed with grief and pain. 

During this time of reflection, I hold space for that pain and loss, and let the feelings move through me. An important part of introspection is to affirm all that is true, and to welcome all parts, all experiences, to the process. 

This means I also welcome gratitude. Not for the virus, but for the response of community support. Gratitude for the incredible team at Maha who worked together to launch our virtual studio. Gratitude for the impetus to push through the difficulty of learning new tech in my forties to create a sustainable business in a time of uncertainty and fear. 

Maha wouldn’t have an On Demand library of over 100 classes if 2020 hadn’t challenged us so deeply. We likely would have kept doing what we had done for the past eight years, not because we didn’t have the space or desire to pivot and grow, but because we didn’t have to. 

I hope you are able to take time to receive the insights from this year, to feel the pain and also acknowledge the triumphs and growth. 

Our holiday schedule is below. We are keeping an eye on the guidance from City Hall, and all of our offerings will remain virtual until we are able to safely reopen. 

This time next year, our world will likely look much different. I trust that we’ll take the time for reflection then as we do now, and that we’ll again be reminded of our fellow humans’ resilience and capacity for change in the face of adversity.

Our unlimited On Demand membership is on sale through the end of the year for $247, a savings of over $700! It’s one of 2020’s silver linings, and I hope that being able to practice yoga whenever and wherever you’d like helps you meet the challenges of 2021 with grace.

We continue to add three new classes each week!