Why virtual yoga is good for beginners

Maha Community, 

Yoga is INTIMIDATING for beginners. 

“I can’t touch my toes.” 

“Am I doing this right?” “Do I leave my socks on?”

AND yoga can be even more INTIMIDATING in a new studio. 

“Where do I leave my shoes?””Where do I set up my mat?””Everyone is so much better than me!”

We’ve ALL been there. All yogis were beginners at some point.

GOOD NEWS – virtual yoga can be LESS intimidating for beginners.

  • You can turn off your video for more privacy. 
  • You feel more empowered to move at your own pace. 
  • You can play your own music. 
  • You don’t feel in competition with other yogis. 
  • AND you can still ask your teachers questions (privately or publicly) or for feedback on your poses. 

There are certainly many things that I miss about being in the studio with you. However, I believe that yoga is for EVERYBODY and I’m thrilled that our virtual offerings are making yoga  more APPROACHABLE and ACCESSIBLE for our beginners. 

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