When is Maha reopening?


Have you been wondering when Maha is going to open for public class?

Yeah, me too.

The truth is: it’s going to be a while. 

I’m sorry, but I simply do not have a more clear answer.

At the heart of the philosophy system that we teach at Maha is a set of ethics grounded in Rajanaka Tantric philosophy. One of the tenets is svatantrya – the concept of self looming freedom. 

Svatantrya is the promise that we are all born into exquisite freedom, and that our human experience is built out of our expressions of that freedom.

We’re not free to do everything; but we’re free to do anything within the realm of our own agency (as each individual’s freedom interacts with everyone else’s freedom in the web of life, it gets limited by forces like racism, poverty, geography and so on).

So, in a nutshell: we’re free to do anything we’re free to do.

The ethics that guide our choices suggest that the highest expression of our own freedom is that which affirms svatantrya for all – that is, actions that increase access to freedom for everyone in the web.

Ethics are always subjective and applying them requires discernment and sensitivity. It’s never black and white; it’s infinitely nuanced. But these teachings clearly guide us away from selfishness, hoarding, oppression and harm. 

So, for me, studio classes at Maha need to wait. I miss you all so much, and can’t wait to get back to practicing together in person. But I can’t sign off on that and put others in my web at risk.

I don’t have a neat, tidy answer about when we’ll be back in the studio. I’m taking it day by day. We’ll make that move when the freedom we express doesn’t put others at risk.

For now, we’ll continue streaming classes on Zoom and building our online library. The yoga continues and our community remains intact, even in isolation. 

I continue to pay rent at Maha because I trust we’ll get through this, together. Our rent is absolutely sky high and I’ve been unsuccessful in negotiating any rent relief with my landlord at all. If you have any extra funds to spare, we would be so grateful for even a small contribution during this time to our staff and teacher relief fund.

In the meantime, continue to practice with us at home all summer long!
Click here to purchase unlimited yoga from Memorial Day to Labor Day for $297 with our Summer at Home pass (that’s a savings of $100 for over three months unlimited practice).

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As always, if you’re experiencing financial hardship due to Covid-19, we will share our yoga with you on a sliding scale basis. Reply to this email and we’ll hook you up pay-what-you-can yoga access in the name of svatantrya.