What Winter Traditions are Different for You this Year?

Dear Yogi,


The short, dark days are the perfect time for introspection. When looking back over this past year, I am simultaneously overwhelmed with grief and also endlessly grateful for the lessons and insights. 

The pandemic has caused such profound suffering, and it is difficult to reckon with. It has also, for me, clarified what I hold most dear: my family and chosen community, my health, our beloved yoga studio. 

My winter holidays look different this year, as I’m sure many of yours do. I won’t be traveling to see my family. I won’t invite friends over for a dinner on my birthday December 22 (turning 42 this year!). 

But I’m preserving the traditions that I can. I’ve spent hours in the last couple weeks baking cookies like I do every year. I’ll be dropping them off on friend’s porches and mailing some across the country. 

I initially thought I would skip the cookies this year. Honestly I’m tired and a bit sad, and it seemed like an enormous feat. But when I dug down inside, I realized that it would help me maintain a bit of normalcy, so I ordered a bunch of butter and flour, cranked up Dolly Parton’s new Christmas album, and I am so glad I did. 

It doesn’t change the fact that we’re still careening through some of the darkest, scariest days of the pandemic. But it put me back in touch with my rhythm and even with my family- my grandmother’s recipes, my mother’s baking advice (cream the butter and sugar for a long time! make the cookies small so it’s reasonable to try them all). 

winter tradition at Maha for the last eight years is our announcement of our annual sale. We traditionally offer a discounted yearly pass the first weekend in January, and we’re doing that again this year. 

In typical 2020 fashion, it’s a bit different this year. Our offer is ‘buy eleven months get one free’ for every tier of membership. So if you take one class a week and use our FLEX membership, you can pre-pay for the year and get one month free.

More of a twice weekly yogi? You’ll want our FLEX PLUS option. And if you take three or more classes per week, grab our UNLIMITED pass.

Just like the past eight years, we’ll sell this for two days only- January 2nd and 3rd. If you currently have a membership and want to take advantage of the sale, we’re happy to end your membership (30 days notice waived). Just reply to this email and I’ll set that up for you.

As a final note, Maha is here to stay and you can feel confident buying your pass, knowing that you’ll have access to our high-quality yoga instruction, both virtually and, when possible, in person all year.

Reply to this email if I can answer any questions about our yearly sale!

I’m sending love and holiday greetings to you and yours; may these dark days allow the light inside to shine more brightly.