What Makes Yogahour Unique?

Yogahour is a fun, full-spectrum alignment-based flow class with music. Faster pacing means we cover more poses per class. No inversions. Beginners welcome.

Full-spectrum means that we cover all of the categories of poses in each class to leave you all-around feeling great! We give lots of alignment cues to keep you continually refining your poses and to promote safety as you practice. Our playlists are rocking and awesome! We cover a large number of poses per class, so you get a lot done in an hour. We take the inversions out in order to increase the number of poses we can cover and to decrease risk. Yogahour classes are all-levels classes designed to keep everyone from the fit beginner to the experienced practitioner entertained and engaged.

Yogahour has a lot to offer the Philadelphia yoga community, both as a style of yoga and a teaching technology. Yoga practitioners in Philadelphia should love yogahour because it offers a full-spectrum practice in only 60 minutes with clear and succinct alignment cues to guide students (from beginner to advanced) more safely and specifically through the poses. The classes also have a rockin’ playlist to keep you bumping along to the beat as you move around on your mat. A yogahour class packs a real punch, it’s not easy, but it is always doable, and it caters to practitioners of every level.

Yoga teachers should be jazzed about yogahour as a teaching technology because it provides a framework for a deeper understanding of the poses and how to guide students safely and efficiently into and out of the poses throughout the entire class. Vinyasa flow teachers, in particular, can get a lot out of studying yogahour as a way to more easily incorporate alignment into their classes.

Yogahour is an accessible, affordable, expertly taught flow class that offers clear and specific alignment instructions. Yogahour is a teaching technology that allows teachers to get students into and out of poses effectively and efficiently with economy of language. It is also a style of yoga that is the perfect blend of form (alignment) and flow (movement with breath). Yogahour maximizes safety and promotes longevity of practice. It’s designed for practitioners of all levels, from experienced students to the fit beginner.

Yogahour originated in Tucson Arizona by founder, Darren Rhodes. One of the central aims of yogahour is to support and sustain the local studio and the longevity of practice. Yogahour aims to be the most doable yet difficult one-hour flow class offered anywhere.”

Maha Yoga is a certified Yogahour studio offering yogahour classes, workshops, and teacher trainings.

For more information about yogahour, visit the yogahour website.

Article submitted by Teagan Schweitzer. Practice with Teagan Tuesdays at 5:15pm, Thursdays at 6:30pm, Fridays at noon and Saturdays at 1pm. Interested in becoming a Yogahour instructor? Learn more here!

Teagan Schweitzer leads our yogahour program at Maha Yoga. She is a certified Yogahour Teacher Trainer (E-RYT 500) and is available to lead or co-lead yogahour teacher trainings and workshops, as well as classes.