Those who will thrive are those willing to adapt

Dearest Yogis,

I’ve been leading teacher training for 10 years now and I’ve always loved the anticipation of the start of the program each year, like that feeling before the first day of school with a clean notebook and fresh pencils. 

Every year when I dive back into the material, I receive the teachings all over again. They delight be with both familiarity and newness. 
This year the teachings are even more meaningful during this time of our collective trauma.

 Our current experience has me questioning old habits, routines and commitments. It has flipped “normal” on its head and has us all wondering where we will spend our time and energy in the future. 

This reminds me that the only constant is change and, for me, yoga has always invited me to question, adapt and grow. My inner control freak is continually humbled and soothed by that! 

I am so proud to share Maha’s Yoga Immersion and 200-hour Teacher Training Certification in this new way – live streamed through Zoom. I even prepared new, bonus content for the training: Best Practices for Teaching Online! 

I know in my heart that this adaptation will give us the opportunity to open up to even more greatness. 

I’ve asked our most recent teacher training graduates to share a bit about their experience with the program. While they did most of the program in the studio, our last few weekends were moved online. See their feedback below (thank you trainees!). 

If you have questions about the training or this new format, I am hosting a Q&A this Monday on May 4th after my 6:15PM open levels class. If you’re interested in learning more about the program or asking questions, take my class for free and stay for the Q&A. Reply to this email and I will get you signed up for class. 

See you on the mat!