This Weekend: Barefoot Bootcamp

What is Yogahour Barefoot Bootcamp?
In Yogahour Barefoot Bootcamp we practice the entire yogahour syllabus, that’s 365 poses, in 2 days, 6 hours total, 3 hours on Saturday & 3 hours on Sunday. The workshop is taught and led by Teagan, who is a Yogahour Teacher Trainer, and a longtime yogahour practitioner. Yogahour is a style of yoga where the extreme poses have been removed from the syllabus. So you won’t see things like leg-behind-the-head or foot-to-head poses, but you will see all of your favorites (most likely). If you regularly attend yoga classes, you are ready for this workshop!

Why should you come?
Barefoot Bootcamp is a difficult, but doable challenge. Stepping up to a daunting, but manageable challenge is a great way to build self confidence and encourage or feed positive momentum in your life.

As with any yoga class, you practice at your own pace and modify as needed. The great thing about bootcamp is that you will learn many modifications and variations for all of the poses we do. You will be better equipped moving forward to take good care of yourself on your mat.

The community of practitioners who come out to this workshop are like no other! Deep communal bonds can be forged through experiences like bootcamp where we have an opportunity to cheer each other on and achieve something together. We invite and welcome you to engage with our community on a deeper level.

With a longer practice time you are often able to attempt and achieve poses that might not normally be available to you since your body has more time to warm up and open up.

You will leave feeling amazing! There is nothing like putting yourself through the fire of a great yoga practice to make you feel on top of the world. Barefoot Bootcamp has that on lock down. You can come for one or both days. But I recommend coming for both if you can, so that your body gets to feel balanced and strong from practicing all the poses.

Need more convincing? Read these testimonials!
“Barefoot Bootcamp was the most challenging, fun, and doable yoga I’ve ever done. Having Teagan lead us through the practice helped me feel like I was part of a welcoming and energetic yoga community. I felt so accomplished, strong, and connected to myself afterward. Going through the whole spectrum of poses gave me a deeper look at my own practice and all the options Yogahour offers for me to choose from in each pose.” – Katie Pizziketti

“Barefoot Bootcamp is an amazing chance to explore everything yogahour has to offer. Teagan guided us through every single pose with such expertise and (equally important) her enthusiasm and sense of humor. The fun group energy makes the hours go by quickly. You will be amazed at what your body can do!” – Jessica Kipp

“Teagan made 6 hours and 365 poses not only doable but fun. We laughed, we pushed ourselves, we had breakthroughs, and the sweet gratitude of savasana. I would recommend Barefoot Bootcamp with Teagan to everyone from beginners to advanced yogis.” – Nikki Wright

“Barefoot Bootcamp was a challenging and energizing experience. Covering all poses in the Yogahour syllabus over six hours was an empowering yoga marathon which was satisfying and exhausting in the absolute best way. I learned so many new poses and variations to classic poses in such a short period of time – and did so in the fun, community-focused environment Teagan fosters so effortlessly. Her emphasis on alignment and the thoughtfulness of her sequencing underscored the sessions with a very natural cadence. She is the ultimate guide for Barefoot Bootcamp – and I will absolutely be doing it again!” – Julia Goldner

“Participating in Teagan’s Barefoot Bootcamp was truly an amazing experience. It was unlike any other challenge I have ever taken on – it was extremely challenging, yet entirely doable and fun to boot!” – Katy Travaline

Yogahour Barefoot Bootcamp
Saturday, October 20th, 12-3pm
Sunday, October 21st, 12:30-3:30pm
$35/session or $60/both
Register here