This weekend: Advancing Asana w/Justicia!

October 26, November 9, December 7

This class is for experienced students who want to practice together in community and approach intermediate and advanced poses in a supportive, fun way. Practice will advance towards challenging poses with reverence and expert instruction from Justicia, and a conversation shared among all in class. Expect strong practice, deep laughter, and a respectful, inclusive approach.

Students are recommended to be able to push up to urdhva dhanurasana (full wheel) with straight arms, and be able to kick up to handstand at the wall unassisted (note those are recommendations and not requirements; if you are able to play your own edge safely and are interested, please join us! A range of modifications and options will be offered for all). 

Saturdays 2-4pm:
Oct 26 Radical Backbends & Inversions
Nov 9 Deep Hip Openers
Dec 7 Advanced Arm Balancers

Registration inclusive for all sessions, and strongly recommended: $75 early bird by 10/19, $85 after. $35 drop in for single sessions.


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