Teachings from Christina Sell

Dear Yogi,

If you’ve taken my class, you’ve received teachings from Christina Sell. I’ve learned so much from her over the years, and continually apply insights from her in my own practice as well as my teaching.

She taught me how to stretch and open my feet to relieve the charley horse cramping that I was plagued with. Ten years ago, she gave me new language to access the power of my tailbone in backbends to protect my lower back in deep bends. She shared an accessible way to open the wrists and forearms of yogis that get tight with our repetitive weight bearing work on our hands. She revolutionized child’s pose for me – yes, child’s pose!

Her down-to-earth approach to practice and lifetime of reverent commitment to yoga pour from her every time she teaches. She is the queen of witty one liners: ‘make the easy poses hard to make the hard poses easy,’ ‘the spaciousness of uncertainty,’ and one of my all-time faves about alignment: ‘picky with a purpose.’

Every time we’ve hosted her at Maha over the years, we’ve had an absolutely incredible time. She is truly masterful, and one class with her will bestow you with information that you will draw from for years to come. I wholeheartedly guarantee it.

With the pandemic, we of course can’t bring her to the studio this fall so we’re doing the next best thing! This Sunday, November 1, Christina Sell will be leading a 2-hour, all-levels practice on Zoom hosted by Maha. And because I’d love for you to experience her teaching first-hand, we’re offering this workshop for just $30 if you register by tomorrow (save $25!).

Follow this link, and tune up your practice in great company with one of our country’s most brilliant teachers. I’ll be there myself, and hope you’ll join us.


Be in touch if I can answer any questions about Christina or her offering! Replies to this email go directly to my inbox.