Small Business Update from Maha

Dear Yogi,

What a year to own a small business!

If you had told me ten years ago that I’d need to transition Maha to an all-virtual studio, and learn about lighting, audio, and video technology, I imagine I’d tell you I didn’t want to open a yoga studio at all.

Tech stuff puts me in the spook zone, and although students had asked us for online classes for years, my technology overwhelm prevented us from creating online content.

The irony here is that the real reason I opened Maha – to be a community hub where we can all practice yoga to support ourselves and each other – is exactly the reason we transitioned online so quickly when Philadelphia shut down back in March.

We did it because, for the studio to survive, we had to. And the survival of the studio was important to our community, and while it seemed difficult, I really believed we could make it.

And we have made it! The reason Maha is still here circles back to our higher mission – our community. Our teaching staff hustled to transition us online, FaceTiming with me from a yoga retreat I was leading in rural Mexico. We streamed our first classes on zoom the day after Philly instituted shelter in place.

As difficult negotiations with my previous landlord dragged on, this community rallied behind us. You all donated thousands of dollars, shared our classes with your family and friends, showed up for online classes from your new homes in Chicago, Arizona, Colorado, even Singapore. You sent notes of encouragement via email. 

Every contribution helped, and it kept reminding me why this was worth fighting for.

Today Philadelphia City Hall is releasing a statement about tightening restrictions as Covid cases surge. We’re all keeping an eye on that, and will circle back if fitness facilities need to close again.

But for now, I want to thank each of you for your ongoing support, with special gratitude to our members. As a thank you, we have an exciting announcement about Small Business Saturday Sale coming next week! Stay tuned for that.

And tomorrow I’m leading a FREE mini-workshop about staying safe in sun salutations, live-streamed at 6pm! Register Here, and reply to this email if I can answer any questions.

In the meantime, as long as it is permitted by City Hall, we’ll continue to offer in-person classes at Maha. It has felt entirely safe to me and the other teachers, as mask compliance is unsurprisingly 100% (thank you yogis!). With our socially distanced classes and enhanced cleaning protocol, we continue to do what Maha has always done: invest in the health and well-being of our beloved community.