Private sessions are where healing breakthroughs happen


Whether it’s nagging wrist pain, a common ankle sprain, or a completely tweaked-out lower back, you’ve been sidelined.

If you’re used to moving freely, getting injured can feel like the WORST.

YOU NEED GOOD NEWS & WE HAVE SOME: You can still do yoga when injured!

Injury is your body telling you to STOP, WAIT, & LISTEN so that you may learn more.⠀

Believe it or not, there are likely MANY MOVEMENTS available to you even while you’re injured. I practiced a very modified yoga routine when I broke my arm, and I credit that movement with how comprehensive my recovery was.

When you better understand your body’s tendencies and give your body a chance to learn new habits, you will discover that MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE when used correctly.

In August, we are launching a NEW private instruction program, with private membership options, so you can COMMIT to your healing & recovery.

Each session will be designed to align with your ability, personality & goals and you’ll be met with a unique program offering corrective exercises to support your whole body.

You deserve to live pain-free! Questions about private yoga, or a specific injury you’re working with? Email us to connect with me directly, and together we’ll come up with a plan.