Pose of the Week: Twisted Sage

(bharadvajasana 1)

(from staff)
Swing feet to left side of hips.
Place left ankle on top of right foot—point top foot back, bottom foot out.
Bring knees to floor—knees as close together as is optimal.

Twist torso to right, place right palm on floor under left thigh; close fingers, including thumb—back of hand against thigh (more doable: hold right knee with left hand).
Swing right arm around back, place back of hand against left rib cage; close fingers (more doable: place fingertips on floor behind hips; more difficult: clasp upper left arm with right hand).
Look over front/back shoulder.
Move knees closer together.

Press left fingertips into floor, tone left triceps, biceps.
Press back of right hand into left ribcage (if palm on floor: press hand down).
Lift shoulders up, back.
Tone, turn abdomen to right.

Lift low back, chest. Stretch spine.

Repeat on the second side.

Some poses require certain proportions. If you have long arms and a short torso, for example, the classical form of this pose can be a piece of cake. If not, it’s possibly impossible. Not to worry, you are not missing out on anything. As Papa Peter Rhodes often says, “Missing out is a divine impossibility.” Notice, I wrote above, “classical form” instead of “full form.” Full form of the pose can suggest there is such a thing as a partial pose. As long as you find the right modification, I firmly believe you will access all the benefits of this and any pose. Modifications
are often a must!

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