Pose of the Week: Tremulous


Come onto hands and knees.
Cross shins into the shape of an X (more doable: cross ankles).
Have a seat on feet.
Place hands on floor halfway between knees and hips—hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
Turn hands out, point index fingers straight ahead.

Lean forward; lift everything but hands off floor (more doable: keep feet on floor, lift thighs parallel to floor—point feet).
Straighten arms, round back.
Look down.

Grip floor with fingertips, press inner edges of hands down.
Super glue feet to hips.
Tone abdomen.

Press hands down.

Repeat on the second side—switch cross of legs.

A friend once told me that she practiced lolasana several times a week for about two years without being able to lift her feet off the floor. Then one random day her feet launched. Now, what if her feet never lifted off the floor and she kept on practicing anyway? I say, all the more impressive! Practice is repetitious, not a broken record.

If tremulous seems more formidable than fun, do lion first to get in the mood and mode of lolasana. After all, lolasana = LOL–asana and LOL = laugh out loud!

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