Pose of the Week: K Sage 1

(eka pada koundinyasana 1)

(from two leg k sage, elbows bent)
Extend top leg straight back; point kneecap out—parallel to long edge of mat (more difficult: straighten left arm).
Flex feet (more difficult: point feet).

Grip floor with fingertips, press inner edges of hands down.
Lift shoulders.
Tone abdomen.

Press hands down.

Repeat on the second side.

Like many poses, k sage 1 can be entered into from several different poses. I often teach this pose from down dog:

Separate feet as wide as hands.
Step right foot to floor outside left hand, bend knee, bring shin as vertical as possible.
Slide right hand to right 4-6 inches.
Lift left hand, place left shoulder outside knee, place left hand on floor in line with right hand, hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Separate fingers, point index
fingers straight ahead.
Lean to right, transfer weight onto hands.
Stay here, or lift right, then left, foot off floor.
Bend elbows—upper arms parallel to floor, squeeze elbows in (more difficult: straighten right arm).