Pose of the Week: Fallen Sage


(from downward facing dog)
Separate feet as wide as hands. Point right foot out at long edge of mat.
Swing left leg under and across torso. Place outer edge of left foot on floor to the right, leg parallel to top of mat.
Straighten legs, arms, spine.
Keeping arms straight, lower outer left hip to floor (more doable: slide left foot toward back of mat so leg is no longer parallel to top of mat).

Bend elbows, lower right side of face to floor.
At this point the inner edge of the right foot, outer edge of the left foot, outer edge of left hip, will be in contact with floor.
Straighten legs.
Lift shoulders to capacity.

Squeeze feet toward each other.
Tone thighs, tighten kneecaps, firm hamstrings.
Tighten glutes, press tailbone in. Tone, turn abdomen to left.

Repeat on the second side.

A unique feature of this pose is that the twist is initiated from the hips rather than the torso/shoulders. This is a good preparatory/alternate pose for k sage 1.

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