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Which Class is Right for You?

Private Instruction: If you feel intimidated by group classes or are in a lot of pain, we suggest a one-on-one session to start (or even a handful of them). You’ll learn the fundamentals at your own pace and if you’re dealing with physical challenges such as an injury or chronic pain, you’ll be met with a unique program to support your specific needs.

Basics: If you’re new to alignment yoga, our basics class offers a slower, more informative practice. The teacher invites questions and is happy to review a pose that is new to you.

Gentle: Our gentle yoga class is new on our schedule. It is a softer, slower-paced practice; great for aging anatomy or anyone wanting a more accessible approach. This is a great option if you’re returning from an injury or experiencing wrist pain.

Restorative: If you’re looking for a more passive practice that is deeply restful and soothing for the nervous system, restorative is for you! Your body will be fully supported by props and you will make your way through just a handful of passive poses during class so that you can invite the body and mind into a deeper state of relaxation.

All Levels: You can expect an alignment-based vinyasa class with variations for all.

Yoga x HIIT: If you’re in the mood to sweat, our Yoga x HIIT class is a more fiery, athletic class with a short yoga “warm-up” and then yoga pose based circuits which are intended to build strength and increase your heart rate. We will cool down and rest to close practice.

Advanced: This class is for experienced students who want to practice together in community and approach intermediate and advanced poses in a supportive, fun way. Students are recommended to be able to kick up to handstand at the wall unassisted and balance headstand in the middle of the room (note those are recommendations and not requirements).


In studio or virtual?

We are currently offering both in studio and virtual classes via Zoom. Feel free to join early for your first class to inform the teacher of any injuries or concerns that you may have. Our teachers are trained to work with students of all abilities and your positive experience is their top priority!

If you’re new to virtual yoga or Zoom, click here to learn more.

I’m not flexible! Can I really do yoga?

We’ve got pose variations for bodies of all flexibilities, and blocks, straps, and bolsters to make poses more accessible no matter how stiff or inflexible you are. Yoga is for everyBODY. The teacher will offer challenging but doable alternatives for students of all levels.

I’ve got an injury. Can I still come to class?

Yes, but we recommend getting to class early so that you’ll have time to check in with your teacher and let them know about your injury. Go slow, easing into the poses. It’s helpful to work at 70-80% of what you’re capable of as you learn to discern what kinds of movements help you heal and what can exacerbate your pain. If you find you need a modification or a different pose, wave your teacher over and they’ll be happy to help. Chances are, most of us have injuries ourselves, which is why we ended up here.

What is the difference between basics and gentle yoga classes?

Our basics class is for students who are new to yoga or would like a more informative practice breaking down alignment in each pose. Our gentle class is a softer, slower-paced practice, great for aging anatomy or anyone wanting a more accessible approach. Beginners are welcome at both!

How often should I practice yoga?

Yoga is most effective when practiced regularly. We recommend a minimum of once a week, but believe healing begins when you practice 2-3 times a week.

How do I register for a class?

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