New Teacher Spotlight: Sean Roulan

Sean has a burning passion for growing flowers and creating smiles in the service of life itself. Sean is a gardener and yogi navigating his human narrative with an humble intention to be a healing agent for all forms of nature, even humans. He began practicing yoga in 2004 as the pain from his scoliosis became visible as a sacred symptom. Within this moving exploration and conversation between spirit and body he became a capable and enthusiastic instructor of yoga. While he has studied with a myriad of teachers, his main inspiration and education came through his mentor Simon Park and his style of Liquid Flow Yoga where he has studied for over 400 hours. He is also grateful for, and inspired by, his teacher Nevine Michaan of Katonah yoga for her Taoist teachings which weave magic through breath into the experience of human embodiment as a means of radiating joy towards others during our heroes journey. He has been a reluctant teacher of yoga for years and is committed to being present in the experience of sharing all he has been blessed to learn and experience.

Favorite Yoga Pose:
Malasana. Heart forward, top of head reaching for the cosmos, and hands on the earth.

Fun Facts:

  • I was babysat by Menonite farmers as a child in the finger Lakes of western NY and was bit by a rooster while beginning my life lived close to the earth’s abundance.
  • I come from a lineage of farmers and gardeners from the small japanese island of Okinawa and will always see gardening as the highest form of yoga service.
  • It took me 35 years to leave the USA.  I faced this fear this summer for my yoga mentor’s inaugural YTT in the French Alps!

Join Sean for open levels practice every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm!

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