New Teacher Spotlight: Adriana Akintobi

Shortly after earning her BA in neuroscience in 2011 at Oberlin College, Adriana began practicing and studying yoga after taking her first Bhakti Flow class. An athlete growing up, she was first drawn to the physical challenge of the practice but quickly delighted in the equanimity it brought to her mind and spirit.  Adriana believes life is a conversation and is constantly surprised and inspired by the answers found on her mat– and the questions which come from those answers.

After moving to Philadelphia, Adriana completed the 200 hour teacher training at DIG Yoga in alignment-based hatha yoga, with her teachers Sue Elkind, Naime Jezzeny, and mentor Mariel Freeman. Through clear alignment cues and thoughtful sequencing, she encourages, supports, and empowers students to cultivate a deeper connection with their breath and body, creating a sustainable yoga practice to carry throughout life.

Favorite yoga pose: 
Backbends will always be my first love, but recently I’ve been really enjoying all the lessons pincha/forearm stand has been teaching me.

Fun Facts:

  • I was born in the St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.
  • In college, majored neuroscience with a minor in studio art. People always seem to find this interesting but the combination of the two always made sense to me!
  • I love to cook! I bake a mean challah bread but am actually gluten-free and can’t eat it when I do make it once or twice a year for friends and family.


Practice with Adriana Wednesdays and Fridays at 4:30pm!