Welcome to Maha Yoga on Demand!

Maha Yoga on Demand features an ‘online studio’ channel, where you can access over fifty classes (with at least three new classes added weekly!) and an ‘advanced asana with Justicia’ channel with several 2 hour advanced workshops to help you challenge yourself and play your edge in a fun, supportive way. You can pay a monthly subscription fee, which will give you unlimited access to all videos, or rent/download a single class.

Both channels have different purchasing options to fit your budget and schedule. 

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Maha Yoga Online Studio

Access to thirty+ classes, with at least three new classes added weekly. Choose from from basics, all levels, advanced, gentle and Yoga x HIIT. Classes are 60-90 minutes.

Rent one class: $12 (24 hrs)

Buy one class: $15

Monthly unlimited access to all classes: $79

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Advanced Asana w/ Justicia

Advanced workshops geared towards longtime practitioners who know how to play their own edge with discernment and wisdom. Currently, there are four workshops available – backbends, hip openers and arm balances. Workshops are 2 hours.

Rent all: $65 (30 days)

Buy all: $85

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