Keep Good Company: An Important Yogic Precept


When we shut the studio down just over four months ago, I thought it would be for a few weeks, maybe a month or even two, tops. As this pandemic stretches on and our government continues to botch the response, I am working more than ever. 

I’m happy to work more now, because that is simply what is being asked of me. I worked like this in the first two years of studio ownership.

And I believe, unequivocally, that this studio, this community, is worth it. But I’m not doing this alone! I have an incredible team of yogis at Maha who make the magic happen behind the scenes.

I’d like to introduce you to our management and administration team: 

Louise Sullivan is the front desk manager at Maha. A graduate of this year’s teacher training, Louise is a trained pastry chef and was working as a craft cocktail bartender before the shutdown. It has been an absolute joy to work with her over this past year. She is unflinchingly positive, humble and trustworthy, and has been the most steady and reliable person I’ve ever had in this position. Louise also teaches yoga at Maha – join her for all levels on Fridays at noon!

Jordan Fitzgerald manages our social media accounts. If you DM Maha on Instagram, it’s Jordan who replies. She creates all of the content on our feeds, and I’m so impressed with the graphics she designs (cute! consistent! relevant!). She’s an absolute whiz with marketing, and I feel so lucky that she applied for this position last year. Jordan and her husband are expecting their first baby this October, and we will miss her contributions as she opens that next chapter of her life. Jordan graduated from Maha’s Teacher Training this past May. 

Jess Macaluso is the marketing manager at Maha. She stepped into this position earlier this year, and has absolutely blown me away. Jess is a kind, generous, no-nonsense soul. She’s hyper organized and proactive, and she’s seamlessly pivoted our marketing strategy now that we have had to operate solely as an online business. She brings me new ideas constantly, and I love working with her. Jess teaches yoga at Maha, and has developed the popular yoga x HIIT class (get your sweat on!)

Alan Foran works as Maha’s Wellness Coordinator. In this position, they text and email with new students to help practitioners find the right classes to meet their yoga goals. If you know Alan, you’ve been blessed with their kindness and sensitivity. Alan is artistic and stylish (forever dedicated to the color purple!), and is an animal lover who will befriend any dog. Alan also works part time as a dog walker and pet sitter in the city (email Alan if you need a trustworthy dog walker!).
Alan is one of the most loving humans I have ever met, and graduated from Maha’s Teacher Training in 2019. They teach all levels Mondays at noon and gentle yoga 10am Thursday mornings. 

When you keep good company like I do with this team, it’s not difficult to hold strong to a high vision. Maha has always been about the community and relationships. Even though we can’t meet in person, the community has continued to hold the studio together.

I hope that you are surrounded with amazing beings like this team. And I hope to see you soon, whether for outdoor yoga or back in the brick and mortar. Our reopening plans are in the works. From all of us here at Maha, we’ll be in touch with details about that soon! Thank you for your ongoing support.


PS Revenue has now fallen by 50% but we’re soldiering on. If you’re able to contribute to our staff relief fund, it is so, so appreciated during this time.