Is your at home yoga space sacred?


It’s become harder to practice at home lately because I do EVERYTHING here. 

I get pulled away from my mat when my computer is open on my desk, I have laundry in the wash and my floors are dirty.

But the time on my mat is SACRED and deserves my FULL attention. 

If you’re struggling too, I’ve listed a few of things to help you create a sacred space to help you transition away from the activities of your day into your practice. 

  • Designate a space for your practice. Even if you don’t have a separate yoga room, identify one area of your home for your practice. It just has to be large enough for your mat to exist comfortably. I recommend choosing a sparse area with limited clutter to help limit distractions. 
  • Turn off the overhead lights and turn on a lamp to try to add a softness to the space. 
  • If you roll up your mat after practice, keep it nearby so that it is easy to roll out each day for practice.
  • Put a few props in a basket or on a shelf nearby. A blanket, towel, strap, belt, blocks, books, pillows, etc.  
  • Create a ritual before practice to help you transition from the other activities of your day into your practice. For example, light a candle, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths or spend a moment in child’s pose. 
  • Sweep or dust mop your space after practice, so that it is clean and tidy for your next practice. 

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I hope you have a great holiday weekend! We are offering one class only on Monday, Memorial Day: 10am with yours truly. I hope to see you on the mat!

Love, Justicia