In Their Words

Still thinking about joining the Yogahour Teacher Training this year? Hear what some past graduates of the program had to say!

“Teagan is one of our area’s premier yoga teachers and practitioners, so it was a real honor to study with her. Her knowledge of, skills in, and commitment to yoga, and yogahour specifically, are truly amazing. I feel lucky to have shared 200 hours with her. I also really appreciated the focus on teaching yoga – something that is not always emphasized in trainings. While I took this training mostly to deepen my own, personal practice, I have come away with an unexpected confidence in my own capacity to successfully teach yoga as well. I learned so much and grew on so many levels. This was, without a doubt, one of the most important experiences of my life. I’m so glad I made the time and effort to do this.” – Katy

“This teacher training has changed me. I have grown in ways that I never knew where possible – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I feel like I have evolved. Teagan makes teaching accessible and fun. Her commitment to her students and the quality of the training that she provided inspired my own dedication and desire to immerse myself in this experience. It was incredibly special to spend so much time with Teagan and the other students in this training. It has given me a whole new community; one that I feel a strong sense of belonging to. Teagan is a catalyst for her students’ development; she creates the environment, drive, and accessibility that allowed us all to blossom into capable, unique, and passionate yoga teachers.” -Nikki

“My experience with Teagan and the Yogahour Teacher Training at Maha was truly amazing. The curriculum was incredibly comprehensive in nature and Teagan was an expert instructor. Teagan has an unparalleled enthusiasm for all things yoga, and her skilled guidance and deep dedication to this training was essential to making it so successful. The yogahour practice is one which empowers teacher trainees with the right tools to step out of the training and directly into the teaching role; with crystal clear alignment cues, high-quality sequencing, and guidelines for creating a positive class environment, the blueprint for a good yoga class is embedded in the training experience. As someone who did not set out to teach regularly after the training, I feel that the investment I made to join the Yogahour group was 110% worthwhile; I have observed significant personal growth, a strengthened yoga practice, wonderful and strong friendships with co-trainees, and even a desire to teach! The community and culture Teagan fostered in the training class was one of support, respect, and most importantly, joy and love of yoga. I strongly recommend this training to anyone with a passion for practice and continual learning, whether aspiring to teach yoga or not. This is an extremely valuable experience not to be missed!” – Anonymous

“The Yogahour Teacher Training with Teagan was life-changingly amazing! Throughout our 6 months together I became stronger, more aware of my body, and more in tune with myself. The weekends we spent together were fun, empowering, and deeply educational. I signed up just wanting to learn more about yoga and deepen my personal practice, but after hours of teaching drills, I actually feel prepared to teach.” – Jessica

“Starting the Yogahour Teacher Training at Maha Yoga was intimidating, but so rewarding in the end. The program is designed in a way that gives you the knowledge of practice and asana, the confidence to teach to a room of students, and the verbal skills to get students into and out of poses safely and efficiently. Teagan is an incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and thoughtful teacher who really went above and beyond to make sure that each person in our training was getting what they really wanted from it.” – Natalie

“Yogahour Teacher Training with Teagan was even better than I had hoped. Teagan is a humble expert who genuinely enjoys sharing her knowledge with anyone willing to learn. After this training I feel confident in my personal practice and am excited to share all that I have gained with future students. Thank you, Teagan!” – Laura

“In addition to providing me with the practical foundation I need in order to teach a stellar yoga class, this training has empowered me to become more confident within my own story (and better at telling it!). It was an honor to have the opportunity to learn from Teagan. I would take this training again and I know I would learn even more the second time around!” – Katie

“If you are seeking a personal yoga journey into the world of Yogahour, this training is for you. The program allows an even blend of the science of concise cues, perfecting your practice, creating and/or strengthening your teaching skills, building your confidence, creating sequences, being around fabulous, energized individuals all while mixing in FUN and Word of the Day.” – Anonymous

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