How to Self Sooth During this Disruptive Time

Dear Justicia,


With the world in an absolute tailspin, I’ve felt a deep disruption in my nervous system.

My holidays look different this year, as I know yours do. I’ll be sheltering in place for the remainder of 2020, and imagine into early 2021.

It’s all exhausting and it is challenging each and every one of us.

The pandemic is bringing new records of cases and deaths day after day, and we are again being asked to stay home to prevent the spread. It’s scary. It’s frustrating. And while we can wear our masks and keep our distance, we don’t have much agency beyond that.

Yoga teaches us that whenever things change quickly, when our routines are disrupted, our bodies, minds and hearts are affected. It will affect how we eat, our digestion, our moods, and our sleep patterns.

I am feeling that disruption deeply.

What is helping me right now is to emphasize the small, daily routines within the larger cycles. I am preserving my morning routine (lemon water, meditation, simple movement, get dressed, drink coffee). I block out time to exercise on my calendar like I would a meeting, and try to be good on these simply commitments to myself.

In the morning, I make a list of the little tasks I want to complete (admin work for Maha, cleaning the toilets in the house, sweeping and mopping, calling my mom). That routine and completing those little tasks help bring normalcy during a time that is Not Normal At All.

I hope that you are able to input some routine and normalcy in your life as we move through this difficult time. Each day, set yourself up for little wins by adding small, doable things in your schedule. Take a yoga class. Go for a walk. Clean out your pantry.

When the yoga schedule doesn’t align with yours, our On Demand studio is here to help. We have over one hundred classes available for you to stream whenever you’d like. I just uploaded a 25-minute practice to unwind the tightness in the body from prolonged sitting. Perfect to break up those long work from home days!

Put a class on your calendar and set up a special place to unroll your mat, stream your class, and anchor yourself in self-care. 

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