How to Know if the Yogahour Teacher Training is Right for You

The 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yogahour Teacher Training at Maha Yoga runs May – December 2019.

Here’s how to know if this yoga teacher training is for you!

1. You want to dive deeper into the practice of yoga.

Do you want to know more about the practice of yoga than you feel you get from public yoga classes? That is one of the main reasons I took my first yoga teacher training. I wanted to have the time and space to learn more about the specific poses – how to do them, variations and modifications for them. I wanted to feel more informed about the practice so that I could make smarter decisions for myself on my mat. I also wanted the time and space to work on individual poses to improve my form and even to be able to do poses I hadn’t done before. The Yogahour Teacher Training will help improve your personal asana practice. Through learning about the poses you will have an opportunity to learn more about your body and your mind as they interface with the practice.

A big misconception about yoga teacher trainings is that you have to be great at yoga in order to sign up for one. That is not the case. The process of taking a teacher training will uplift and expand your practice wherever you’re starting from, whether you’re newer to the practice or have been practicing for years. The teacher training will meet you where you are at and then catapult you forward from there.  

2. You want to learn about the subtler aspects of the yoga practice.

Meditation is an important part of the Yogahour Teacher Training. We will explore different methods of meditation, including breathing techniques (pranayama), and establish a regular meditation practice together as a group. Group meditation can be wonderful since the space for inner work is held by everyone. Many of the benefits of meditation are more clearly defined and understood today because scientific studies have explored and continue to explore what it has to offer. The training creates an opportunity to delve into these benefits on an experiential level helping you to incorporate meditation into your life in ways that work for you.

3. You want to learn about yoga philosophy.

Yoga comes from a long and vast philosophical background. The Yogahour Teacher Training will expose you to the various yoga philosophical traditions and help you to understand and explore some of the central concepts that underly the practice. Putting yoga into the context in which it arose and has evolved over time is important to understanding where it is today and how it functions in our society and others across the globe, as well as how it functions in your day to day life.

4. You want to learn the skills to be an expert yoga teacher.

Not everyone who signs up for yoga teacher training has a desire to become a yoga teacher, and you don’t need to either. But, if you do want to teach (and many people decide they do during the course of the training even if they didn’t think they wanted to at the start), the Yogahour Teacher Training will prepare you to be an expert-level yoga instructor. Yogahour itself is not only a style of yoga, it is a teaching technology – one that allows teachers to get students into and out of poses efficiently and effectively. You will learn how to teach poses in a way that helps to keep students safe and offers them modifications and variations so that all of your students can participate in every pose that you teach in class. The depth of knowledge that you will acquire during the course of the teacher training will make you feel confident in teaching even your very first class after the completion of the training.

5. You have a growth mindset.

Do you want to create purpose and momentum in your life? Do you want to make the space to take the next leap or do the next big thing? Do you want to get to know yourself on a deeper level so that you can be clear about the gifts you have to offer to the world? This yoga teacher training is a great opportunity to clear the space and time to manifest these things for yourself. You will be pushing boundaries and stepping into areas of growth in ways that you may not have ever felt or haven’t felt in years. Momentum in one area tends to create it in other areas of our lives so that we can expand and grow more fully and are more able to meet life’s challenges with a sense of confidence and ease. This teacher training will help you to step more fully into who you already are and to offer your gifts more fully to the world.

Article submitted by Teagan Schweitzer. If you have any questions or want more information about the training, please contact Teagan.