How is your quarantine routine going?


The truth is, the future is never certain. Now more than ever, the future is out of our control.

I’m working on taking it day by day, moment by moment. I’ve found that maintaining a routine has been extremely grounding. It’s this daily rhythm that has provided some structure, helped ease my nervous system and allowed me to meet daily changes with more openness and grace. It’s all a practice – this is the yoga.

I am trying to go to sleep and wake up at consistent times. TRYING. Even if my sleep is irregular.

I am doing my best to eat my normal foods, but also okay with gravitating towards those foods that provide me comfort.

I have been going outside daily, even if just for a moment to breathe in some fresh air.

And I’ve been getting on my mat. Some days I hop onto it and some days I drag myself there. Getting there is the hardest part, but it is my daily practice that has certainly grounded me during this time. Our practice and breath calls us to the present.

I’m teaching my regular classes, and seeing your familiar faces in that routine is helping so, so much!

This uncertainty and unknown is why we practice. It helps us accept the present and open up (pivot + adapt) to the future.

If my advanced class doesn’t normally fit into your schedule, join me tomorrow for a 2 hour advanced practice. Students are recommended to be able to kick up to handstand at the wall unassisted and balance headstand in the middle of the room (note those are recommendations and not requirements); if you are able to play your own edge safely and are interested, please join us!

Not feeling up for advanced practice? We’ve got you! View our full weekend schedule online here.

See you on the mat!