Have you read Maha Yogi Michele Harper’s Memoir?


I think it’s been over ten years since I first met Michele Harper in a yoga class.  

If you haven’t been in class with her, she absolutely exudes poise and grace. She is a longtime yogi and Maha member who practices with the utmost reverence, intelligence and humility. 

It is a joy every time she comes to class. 

I learned a year or so ago that she was writing a book, and I knew it would be a potent offering. 

But it absolutely exceeds my expectations. 

Her new memoir, The Beauty in Breaking, details her life as a Black, female physician working in Philadelphia (note that less than 2% of physicians in this country are Black women). 

It is honest and real- at times funny and others utterly devastating.

Unsurprisingly, it is an instant New York Times best seller. 

She speaks to the ways her yoga practice holds her together even while life breaks her apart. 

And, consistent with Michele’s outlook, she argues that to break is to be beautiful, that our vulnerability is of the highest value. 

I truly can’t recommend her book highly enough. Maha students will recognize her references to our beloved studio at 1700 Sansom. 

Her perspectives on social justice, police, and the power of a yoga practice are just what our world needs right now. 

I bought my copy from my favorite book store, Black-owned Uncle Bobbie’s in Mount Airy, and have already loaned it to my mom to read. 
Read her book, and let me know what you think! 

Michele, thank you for sharing you gift. You continue to inspire.