Corporate Yoga

Maha Yoga Philadelphia offers off-site yoga and wellness services to inspire and create a happier and healthier work environment. Studies show that yoga, meditation, and sleep measurably increase happiness and happiness most often leads to a more productive and healthier workforce.

At Maha we aim to make yoga safe, accessible and relevant to your daily life. Most classes are a vinyasa flow style with a focus on healthy alignment. Our teachers are highly trained professionals, and will work with your company to create a customized program that best suits the needs of your employees.

Our staff will help you transform your office space for an hour each week into a place of community, health and relaxation.

Our offerings:

10 week program:
This is our most popular program. This series includes 10 weeks of 60 minute alignment based yoga sessions with a senior instructor that are designed specifically for your employees.

6 week program
Same as our 10-week program, just a shorter time frame.

Custom one-time yoga session
A one time team building wellness and relaxation day. Includes a brief presentation on the benefits of yoga, a 60-minute yoga class designed to target the most common ailments acquired by office workers, and mat rental.

Private Office Session
A one-on-one private yoga class with an experienced yoga teacher in your office, for 30–90 mins, depending on your needs. Please contact us for a price quote as prices vary based on your needs.

Chair Yoga
Do you dream of incorporating yoga and meditation into your workday? Chair yoga is the answer! All that’s required is a conference room and chairs to accommodate participants. These 30 minute sessions are your zen oasis in a sea of meetings, emails, and conference calls. You won’t even have to change your clothes! With relaxing breath exercises, mindfulness techniques, and just enough gentle movement to get the blood flowing, you’ll return to your desk focused and ready to take on the rest of your day. Inquire today for rates and scheduling!

Not seeing a package that appeals to you? We’ll send a consultant out to meet with you and create a customized program specifically designed for you or your office.

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