Commit to your practice, commit to yourself.

Dear Justicia,

I love to bake, but I don’t always need an entire 9×13 pan of sweets around! So when I made pecan pie bars last week, I shared them with a bunch of friends, including Anna Levine. She swung by for a distanced pickup from my porch and we had some time to chat.

Anna has been a longtime member at Maha and she’s working from home right now, being extremely cautious with virus exposure so she can safely visit her new, infant niece on the weekends.

I asked her how her practice is doing and if Zoom fatigue is getting in the way. She told me that while she definitely hasn’t been doing as much yoga as she did before the pandemic, now more than ever the yoga is so helpful.

I’ve heard that a lot over the last seven months: that yoga at home alone is of course different than being able to come to the studio, but that the practices of postural yoga and meditation have been indispensable during this ongoing crisis. But then Anna told me something else, and it really stuck with me. She told me she’s so grateful she has an unlimited membership at Maha. Even though there have been weeks when she hasn’t tuned in for class at all, that the membership itself encourages her to come back.

Essentially, the regular commitment of membership helps her stay steady with her yoga! That made a lot of sense to me. She said when she’s dropping in for classes here and there or using a ten class card, it is so, so easy to skip the yoga and prioritize literally anything else on her plate.

By being a member, you make a commitment to yourself: your body, your health and your well-being. There will still be times you forgo the yoga. Sometimes you’ll be too tired, burnt out, pulled in a million directions, and that’s ok.

But by committing to membership, you commit to your practice. And when you commit to your practice, the yoga is most effective. A yoga class here and there won’t give you the results that consistent weekly practice will.

Are you still using ten class cards or drop ins? Not only are you paying more per visit, but you’re missing out on the true benefits of a committed yoga practice.

Get a membership (we are currently waiving the $20 activation fee). This commitment to your yoga is a commitment to yourself. And if life changes, don’t stress! Membership is month to month, and you can change tiers or cancel any time with 30 days notice.