Chill Out: Tips for Cooling Off in a Heat Wave

Whew, summer is heating up in Philly! I get overheated very easily, so I’ve compiled a top ten list of ways to stay cool. 

  1. First, get sweaty! Sweating cools you down by reducing the heat from your skin. I’m especially loving yogahour classes this summer, where I get super sweaty, then I dry off and am much cooler after class. 
  2. Drink cold beverages. Swap the coffee and tea for mint lemonade and watermelon coolers. My absolute favorite summer smoothie is so simple: blend 4 cups fresh watermelon with a sprig of mint. (add ice if your blender can take it). Optional: squeeze some fresh lime juice in there. 
  3. Exercise in the early morning, or late evening. Forget that mid-day run. HOWEVER…
  4. Since I commute on my bicycle, sometimes I simply have to ride in the middle of the day. So to cool off when I get to my destination, I’ll run cold water on my wrists for 30 seconds. Instant difference!
  5. NIx the polyester, which is insulating and heating. I go for all-natural cotton or linen only in the summer so my skin can breathe. 
  6. At home, turn the lights down or off! In my kitchen, the overhead light has 3 bulbs, and during heat waves I unscrew 2 of them. Way cooler!
  7. Also, shut the blinds! The sun streaming in warms the house so much, so pull the shades down and leave the fans in. If I’m cooking, I’ll turn the fans out, so they suck the heat out of the kitchen. Then, turn them back at night so they bring that cool air inside. 
  8. Put a bowl of salted ice in front of a window fan in your house. I call this ‘poor girl’s A/C’. It’s extremely effective, and if you want to get fancy, add a few drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil. AAAAHHH!
  9. Cold showers. If the temperature is creeping towards 100, I might take 4 of these a day. A quick, 30-second cold shower makes a huge difference, and you’ll stay cool for an hour or more. 
  10. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Be ridiculous about it. Add cucumber or mint to your water, and drink three quarts a day minimum. 

What are your favorite ways to stay cool in the summer?