Attitude for Gratitude: The Little Picture

Many of my friends say they’re discouraged by the state of US politics or the world. I hear you. I believe that caring about people and ideals bigger than ourselves is a wonderful part of being human, but sometimes, the big picture can start to look bleak or infringe on our personal values. This can feel draining. Some people ask me: how do you cope?

I’m privileged not to think of the world at large very often. Instead, I think of my world. My experiences. My day-to-day life. I think of everything I have built for myself: my career, relationships, skills, and self growth. These are the things I have the most control over. Maybe it’s selfish, but when I don’t worry about something larger, when I just focus on my little community, I feel great. I feel full. I am able to pass that feeling onto the world with confidence.

I then get to see how I touch the lives of other people in small but meaningful ways. I can shift subtle energies (maybe by sharing a smile) and sometimes I have the opportunity to facilitate self-healing in others. I feel so grateful to be able to do this.

Questions for reflection:

  • What accomplishments can you point to that you’ve created in your world? Little things count. For example: I adopted my cat from a shelter and saved her life.
  • Think about a person you interact with regularly. What do you think you do that is a positive influence in their life?
  • What can you do today in 5 minutes that will make someone’s day a little better (children, pets, and yourself count)?

This article was provided by Katie Pizziketti as part of a her monthly series, Attitude for Gratitude, in which Katie will explore using gratitude to cultivate a mindful and positive active lifestyle. Join Katie for practice on Sundays at 12:30pm. 

About Katie:
Yoga is a treasured part of Katie’s fitness lifestyle. She uses it to build strength, flexibility, and body awareness which complement her interests in running, weight training, and interval exercise. Katie is using yoga to improve her range of motion and wellbeing in ways which were missing from her other exercise routines.

Katie developed an appreciation for accessibility – creating things that can be used by people of any ability level – after several years of working with adults living with serious mental illnesses and other limitations. Her belief is that almost anything can be achieved with the right attitude (and modifications). She loves helping people find their own doable pose that is just the right amount of difficult. Her high-energy classes focus on becoming stronger and stretchier with a smile!

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