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Feeling is healing (even when it’s uncomfortable & makes you want to burrow under the covers). 

We get you if you want nothing to do with your feelings right now. Because sometimes all the feels hit you when you least expect it, wash over you like a tidal wave & leave you thinking you might drown in: 

— anger
— sadness
— frustration 
— isolation
— hopelessness
— fear or panic
— overwhelm

Here’s a simple lifeboat for the emotional tsunami: BREATHE. 

Do it deeply, slowly, again & again. 

Then, know the feelings are always temporary, even when they seem super-sized. There IS a way to handle them. 

Feeling your emotions head-on means you get to move through them to something softer, something easier, something more joyful. Escaping, medicating, or pretending your emotions don’t exist means they come back bigger, tougher & meaner in your next quiet moment. 

Stop doing your emotions by yourself. Stop making your big feelings wait for a better time, a different mindset, or for when you’re comfortable. Instead, feel them in a safe space, like in a yoga class at Maha. 

When you become a Maha member, you have access to our live-streamed weekly Zoom classes, plus unlimited streaming of bonus content in our members-only Facebook group for the duration of your membership. In the group, we have already uploaded dozens of classes that are free to stream anytime. We’re continuing to upload new classes, and have plans to add short pose tutorials and mini practices.

We welcome and honor your feelings, as we honor our own. (We are also in a deep emotional puzzle of pain, tension and anxiety.) 

Monthly memberships stabilize yoga studios by providing ongoing, reliable revenue. We are currently waiving the $20 activation fee of memberships, and for any membership purchased during the shutdown, we will also waive the 30 days notice needed to cancel. 

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