Are you bending over backwards to get through this?


Do you feel like you’re bending over backwards to get through this?

 That’s absolutely where I am. And I hear from others that this is shared: 

  • Kids are at home and need home schooling support. 
  • And how about the curve balls on the kids’ summer plans? 
  • We’re cooking at home all the time. Oh and the cleaning! 
  • Most of us are working from home and having to balance our family members’ needs for space along with the demands of our jobs. 
  • I’ve submitted countless loan and grant applications. 
  • I’ve hustled like mad to pivot our business model at Maha to transition to a virtual studio. 
  • And don’t get me started on the negotiations with the landlord! 

Some times will require we bend over backwards. And the bending and stretching must be supported by our integrity.  If we don’t hold strong boundaries and over-give, we’re sure to develop resentment and land ourselves in complete burnout.  When Anna first set up the fundraiser for our teacher and desk staff, we thought we’d be out of the studio for the rest of March and perhaps through April.

And now we’re marching directly into June with no clarity about when we can reopen safely. 

We’ve adjusted our fundraising goal to account for the lengthening shutdown. To all of you who have donated, thank you. If you are able to contribute, this money gets passed to our dear staff who have been working behind the scenes to make the virtual studio hum. 

It’s important that when life requires us to bend over backwards we hold to our center. It’s like this in asana on the mat: back bending needs a lot of inner support: strong legs, tone in the abdomen, and the fullness of breath that sustains. 

This Saturday I’m teaching a 2-hour advanced back bending practice. You may attend on a sliding scale basis if you’re experiencing financial insecurity. Reply to this email and I’ll get you registered at a rate that works for you.

And if you’d prefer something more in the all levels realm, join me 10:30am for my public class. We’ll work on integrity in backbends- how to stay strong in ourselves so we can bend over backwards without undoing ourselves.

I hope to see you on the mat soon!



PS. Every dollar helps- thank you, thank you!