Any word on PPP funds?

Maha Community,

It’s been almost four weeks since I sent in Maha’s Paycheck Protection (PPP) application. Each day, I’ve been waiting. Refreshing my email at every chance I get. Over and over again. 


A few days ago,  a rep from my bank reached out. They needed an updated document- a glimmer of hope! I sent it over immediately. 

Then, I continued waiting.

My brother in Chicago also owns a small business and he finally received his PPP support. Then, a friend who owns a yoga studio in NJ. 

More hope. More waiting.

Still…… I wait.

Our doors have been closed for almost 6 weeks. Two months of payroll costs is upwards of $26K and this money would make all the difference for our studio. 

I’m working harder than ever to make sure we have a brick and mortar yoga studio to return to. The destabilizing truth is that none of us know when that will happen or even what it will look like. It’s this not knowing that amps up my fear and anxiety. 

I continue to work each day for Maha’s community because I believe it is worth it. It will take a community-wide effort to get through this, and I know we’ve got what it takes. 

We’ve launched a bona fide online studio. Beyond the Zoom calls, we’re building a library on Vimeo and will continue to add content once we’re back in the studio. I’ve got more info coming your way about that soon!

The world we’ll return to will not be the one we remember from before Covid-19. Small businesses will need to adapt to this new reality, and I believe Maha will thrive. But as of yet we don’t know what that world will look like and so for now waiting in the unknown is our only option. 

There are so many people in our communities in financial crisis right now, and so many opportunities to support the people in our network. I know we are all doing everything we can and it will take all of us to get through this. 

I am again asking for your support. If you are able at this time and would like to support Maha’s desk staff and teachers visit our staff relief fund. Every donation makes such an impact, and all of us at Maha are so grateful.