A Note from Alan Foran

Dear Yogi,

Yoga is connection, to ourselves, and the world around us.

I myself am a hodgepodge of lessons, experiences, teachings and ideas from a lifetime of seeking, and my practice is a connection to all these parts.

I’ve always been a curious sort. In my early 20’s I found Rodney Yee’s ‘Moving Towards Balance: 8 weeks of Yoga.” At the time, I knew very little about yoga, except what I picked up from delving into other schools of thought. There was both philosophy and postural references in that book, and I quickly noticed the lack of structure and balance in my body.

Though I didn’t finish that book, it planted some seeds.

A few years later I sold most of my possessions, packed a bag and left home. I knew there was more outside of my small Alabama town, and to fully thrive I needed to leave. Filled with a desire to see the unknown, I left home in search of myself, meaning, and connection. I learned so much from countless people, some who I knew no longer than a car ride and it opened my eyes to the diversity of the world. Yet within that diversity I found similarities and connections everywhere, and with people who I would have never thought possible.

My late 20’s were…. wild to say the least. I was in and out of unhealthy relationships with myself and others and traumas from my past resurfaced. I held to my practice and it deepened – my curiosity pulled me into those darker places and allowed me to connect with them, and ultimately find a little more harmony with myself. During this time I settled in Philadelphia.

I met Justicia through the LGBTQ+ community. An avid cyclist myself, we easily connected. At the time I was dealing with some chronic low back pain, and eventually started getting some advice from her (Puppy Pose for the win!). She tuned me into the misalignments in my body, and I started to find pain relief. Thereafter, I began practicing at Maha regularly, and although I had always been a solo practitioner, I found that I loved practicing in community.

Then I got hit by a car, drastically altering my life and practice. I couldn’t do much movement but I could focus on balancing other aspects of my life, which brought me to teaching. I’ve always been quiet, more of a listener and observer. Learning to communicate with others enhanced my ability to do so with myself, helping me weave together the lessons and practices from my life into a more cohesive structure that held me and opened up more space to thrive.

And this is what I’m aiming to do with my yoga students: create an adaptable structure that allows space for growth, space to delve into the unknown and embrace trial and error. We work to bring balance back to life while finding connection and harmony with the world around us.
I’m offering private yoga sessions at Maha! If you’re interested in our private monthly membership program, I have available time on Tuesday mornings, and other hours upon request. 

Alan Foran