5 Tips for Springtime Self-Care

It’s hard to believe it, but today is the first day of spring! With the longer days and warmer weather in sight, it’s a great time to find ways to bring some of that springtime spirit into our daily lives. Here I’ve complied 5 ways for you to embrace some Springtime Self-Care.

1 – Spring Cleaning

Still holding on to that one sweater you were gifted during the holidays that you never wear? Maybe it’s time to give your closet a cleanse! Tracing its origins back to the days of Bible, people throughout time have been decluttering their living spaces at the start of the season. Make room for new energy and new opportunities by letting go of the items that no longer hold serve you.

2 – Smell the Roses

I’m a big believer in flower power, and what better time is there than Spring to appreciate them in all of there colorful glory! Stop by your local florist or farmers market and pick up a small bouquet to liven up your living space. Or if you have allergies, you can diffuse essential oils to give your room an aromatic lift. 2 drops of lavender, lemon and rosemary will give you that “I just strolled through a field of wildflowers” feeling!

3 – Embrace the Romance

There’s something about Spring that brings out our inner Shakespeare. How do I love thee? The answer is simple! Whether you are committed or single, now is the time to bring romance to all of the relationships in your life! Plan a date night with a friend, invite your parents to dinner, or take yourself somewhere you’ve been dying to go! Romance doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic, infusing love into your interactions will no doubt have you seeing the world through rosy glasses.

4 – Revel in a Rainy Day

April showers may not be as enticing as the May flowers they bring, but try embracing the next sprinkle in the forecast. There’s nothing better than listening to the rain with a good book and a cozy blanket. Throw in some tomato soup and grilled cheese for the ultimate rainy day luxury! Or if you’re feeling cooped up, grab your coat and boots and head out to a local park. Jumping in puddles doesn’t have to be just for the kids!

5 – Take a break

With all of the commitments and plans that comes along with a changing season, it can get pretty overwhelming! As a restorative yoga practitioner and teacher, I can say with full confidence that nothing feels better after a long day than taking five minutes to bring some restorative and renewal to your body. If you have just a few moments, try a mini savasana to help you reset. Or swing your legs up the wall for a gentle inversion that will allow you unwind from a hectic schedule.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to show yourself some love. I hope you find little ways to take care of yourself and to bring the sunshine in. Happy spring!

This article was submitted by Juli Abrams. Join Juli for Basics 101 every Saturday at 9am or slow things down with her restorative class, Sundays at 6pm.

About Juli:
Juli’s love of yoga truly took shape when she began practicing regularly as a means to curb her anxiety and support her well-being. Finding the practice transformative, she began building body and mental confidence both off and on the mat.  Juli completed the 200 Hour YogaHour Teacher Training in 2017 as a means to share the life-changing power of yoga. As a Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy grad student, she is passionate about the therapeutic benefits of a yoga practice, and cultivates a restorative and nurturing class.