Reopening Update: We’re almost there


I have an inordinate number of things on my plate right now.

Every contractor is running behind doing the work to prep our new location (why does this always happen??).

I’ve been there every day this week and will be there every day over the next week. We’re still painting, and we have been assembling all the things! So much turning of alan wrenches!

You’re going to love this speedy video of Alan and me (and Sammy the dog) assembling our new cubbies today. That’s 45 minutes of manual labor sped up to about 2.5 minutes.

And we still have SO much stuff to still move! Paper products, all of your stored yoga mats that have been in my living room for months, every last office supply and honestly so much more.

It’s overwhelming but I’m breathing deeply and hydrating nonstop.

And of course I’m trying to tune up our website and Wellness Living system so we have a seamless reopening (haha, right??!).

We are taking every precaution to keep our staff and yoga members safe. We have six air filters, a new touch-less water dispenser, brand new industrial ceiling fans, a plexiglass shield for the front desk, and so much hand sanitizer! We scraped the paint off every single window so they now all open for ventilation.

We are of course over budget and behind schedule, but what major project like this isn’t?

And I just learned today that our GoFundMe will only be active through the end of September. We won’t be creating a new one after that, because I truly believe we can hit our goal before then. We are almost there.

And it’s largely due to the support of our community (and our incredible new landlord- thank you!) that Maha is here to stay, and that we’ve made it through this at all.

If you can help us meet our goal, thank you! Every little bit helps, and the contributions help pay all the incredible humans who are hustling to make this space our greatest yet.

It’s times like this (and there have been SO MANY ‘times like this’ in 2020, am I right?) that I’m the most grateful for my meditation and yoga practices. They help me manage my stress level and this seemingly ever expanding to-do list.

I know the yoga helps you hold center, too. Please practice, whether on your own, in our live-stream classes, or with Maha On Demand.

Click HERE to view our upcoming schedule.

We will be reopening on Saturday, September 26 with my 10:30am open levels class. Registration opens tomorrow, and space is limited to ten yogis. See you on the mat!


PS – Here’s our fundraiser link again. We can do this!