Small Actions Equal Big Impact


The Maha community showed up yesterday for Pride month! We raised $4,000 through our Pride fundraiser and we will be donating half to The Attic Youth Center.

The Attic is an incredible, independent organization just a few blocks away from Maha that support LGBTQ+ youth. Like Maha, they are offering programming online and continuing to support their community during the Covid-19 crisis.

As Maha struggles to pay our expenses (June revenue was the lowest month Maha has ever seen since opening), we recognize that there is simultaneously an urgent need to support those with less privilege and resources

The Maha Community reminded me that small actions can add up to big impact. I am so grateful for your support, and feel so proud to be a part of a community that uses yoga to affect tangible, meaningful change in the world. 

Thanks to Haley Purdy for sharing the Yoga Nidra practice, and for everyone who contributed to this effort. I am so, so grateful.